Troubleshooting VLOOKUP functions in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP troubleshooting tips

How to Fix Common Excel VLookup Problems Quickly

If you use the VLOOKUP function to look up values in a list or table, it’s possible to end up with #N/A errors, particularly when you’re looking for exact matches. Although these errors are annoying, they occur for a good reason—either the value you’re trying to find doesn’t exist, or it does exist but Excel doesn’t perceive it as a match due to a formatting mismatch or other issue.

To view a three-page reference card that offers basic troubleshooting tips for VLOOKUP, click the link below. This opens as a PDF file in Adobe Reader.
Print a copy of the card, or save it somewhere on your computer to refer to later. See also: Quick Guide to Excel VLookups And browse our Microsoft Excel Course Outlines to find the right training course for you.