New in Excel for the web in March 2022

Excel for the web is constantly changing and adapting to better meet your needs by listening to your feedback and putting this into action. The Microsoft Excel team have announced the next set of features coming to Excel for the web, which include the following improvements to help elevate the quality and effectiveness of your work.

  • New Conditional formatting experience  
  • Function library
  • New filter menu 
  • Insert slicer 
  • Insert online pictures  

 New Conditional formatting experience  

The new Conditional Formatting capabilities allow an easier experience for you to manage, edit, and create formatting rules in Excel for the web. 

For more information: New Conditional Formatting experience in Excel for the web – Microsoft Tech Community  


Function library  

Formulas are essential for skilled excel users. Many users rely on the function library to help find and identify the right function to use. With this improvement, we bring Excel’s familiar formula library to you in Excel for the web.  

thumbnail image 1 captioned Function library


New filter menu  

Filtering data is now easier and more convenient with the new filter menu. 

thumbnail image 2 captioned New filter menuNew filter menu

Insert slicer  

Create slicers for PivotTables in Excel for the web to filter data the way you want.  

  • Filter data in a PivotTable with ease 
  • Visually identify the filtered items in a PivotTable 
  • Create interactive summaries with slicers connected to one or multiple PivotTables