Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a method of identifying a gap between a Job Description (skills required for a job) and an Individual (skills that person has to do the job). This skill can be assessed by the individuals own judgement or by them completing a skills assessment. The gap shows what training that particular individual requires. The Training Needs Analysis survey comprises a range of questions relating to current and required skills that can be put into a questionnaire. The responses should ideally be from both the individual and their manager. The results can be analysed in a number of ways to determine the skills gap, training requirements and helps to determine which individuals should attend which courses, if any.

Information Technology (IT), properly implemented and managed is a key asset for most businesses and a source of competitive advantage for many. It is now becoming increasingly apparent that an equally critical asset of any modern organisation is its knowledge, with training and “Learning Management” as key components of the corporate strategy.

Understanding the needs of our client’s business, matching these to the capabilities of the organisation and delivering a programme of learning events which takes your people’s capability through agreed and measurable improvement milestones is our speciality. We design and project manage the learning programme on behalf of your organisation, working with you to agree the milestones that will enable us to deliver a programme that is tailored to your needs with consistent quality of service.Eident Training

As part of this service, we can complete an IT Learning & Training Needs Analysis from which learning plans are developed and training events scheduled and marketed internally, within your organisation. We take care of the planning, administration, delivery and management of the programme, leaving you free to focus on other core business issues.

With increasingly mobile and dispersed workforces, traditional modes of knowledge transfer and learning are not always feasible or cost-effective. A viable solution needs to provide Just in Time Training (JITT), against an agreed development plan and via an accessible and affordable medium. This can be achieved by using Intranet / Internet technology to establish a comprehensive Learning Management (LM) and Learning Delivery framework.

The LM elements of the solution will give you complete control over the learning curriculum for each role in your organisation, the development plan for each individual and the tracking and reporting of progress against agreed corporate, departmental and individual goals. The Intranet / Internet medium will give you cost-effective access to a broad range of quality learning content in a wide range of formats including HTML, multimedia and streaming video.

Make learning a priority for your Company and make it accessible and manageable. Knowledge of IT is an increasingly important asset and it’s your asset.

Left to our own devices, most of us will only use 20% of the software functionality our organisations provide for us. Eident training courses will help you more fully exploit the benefits of your existing IT infrastructure by enabling your people to increase their productivity through a greatly improved understanding and competence with their desktops tools.

Whether it’s in a new system, an upgrade, many businesses consider ongoing investment in Information Technology (IT) to be an essential component in achieving the competitive edge in today’s fast moving and ever changing world. If you are looking to gain maximum benefit in the shortest possible time, then your people will need training and support programmes that are focused on developing those IT skills which are most relevant to your business.

By providing focused, flexible, relevant and timely training and support we can help you to integrate information technology with minimum disruption to your business.Eident Training

  • We know that our training events can play a significant role in the communication of change, providing a means of reaching your people and encouraging cost-effective ‘best practice’ in software use.
  • We know from experience that in a fast moving migration project, putting in the right people who can handle the training administration, quickly solve and work through issues, building working relationships between users and the implementation team, plays a critical part in the success of the project.
  • Our experienced Team will ensure that your own Training and IT people can concentrate on ‘business as usual’ activities.

Through a programme of training events, tailored to your business needs, we transfer the knowledge that enables your people to learn the new software features.

Our roaming ‘floorwalkers’ can quickly handle the sort of software questions that are inevitable in any migration to a new or upgraded system, taking a vital intermediary role and problem-managing on behalf of your people, leaving them free to continue with their own work.Eident Training

We believe in ‘Blended Learning’. Computer Based Training (CBT) can show you how to press the right buttons, and our team of skilled IT trainers can work with your people on your own systems, either face to face or virtually, where they can help to use the software technology more effectively and achieve a quicker return on your investment.  Our Training Needs Analysis can help identify the best learning mix for your organisation.