Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher 2016

About Microsoft Publisher 2016

Microsoft Publisher 2016 is designed to enable the production of desktop publications from professional looking newsletters to birthday and business cards.  Microsoft Publisher 2016 Publications can be made from text, photographs, clip-art and drawings or any combination.

There is a wide selection of Templates which come with Microsoft Publisher 2016 enable you to design your publication quickly by taking you through stage by stage instruction.  However with a little practice and familiarisation with Microsoft Publisher 2016 design tools you will find that laying out a new publication from scratch is easy.

Creating a New Publication

Before creating a new Microsoft Publisher 2016 publication it is a good idea to have an image in mind about what the finished product will look like.  For example what size paper will it be printed on? Is it to be single or double sided, full colour or greyscale?

Knowing what you are aiming at will help you chose the right Template from the start and save time and frustration later.

Finally, it is important to think of the purpose of the publication, its content and audience.  This will bear great influence on the layout design you will choose to work to.  If the publication is to be an informative newsletter for a swimming club, packed with the latest results and records you will want to work to a layout which allows a good deal of text.  Likewise if it is an invitation to a party you may wish to include minimum text with scattered images.

Using a Template

To produce a publication quickly, the simplest thing to do is to use one of the program’s built in Page Templates.  You access these from the New Publication pane. Publisher 2016 provides a series of different types of publications and each one of these comes in various pre-set designs.  This may be useful for creating a range of different publications with the same design theme.

The New Publication pane (below) appears both when you start Publisher and when you choose to create a new publication from the File menu.  The templates are previewed in the right hand pane.  Publications types are shown in a list at the left of the screen and the most popular publication types are also shown as choices in the main body of the screen.Microsoft Publisher 2016 Templates

Note: to locate, browse and open existing publications  from this screen, move to the recent publications option found in the file tab. If your publication is not listed as a recent file click open from the file tab.

The first option in either list of publication types is the Blank Page Sizes publication type. Choosing this option would allow you to design your own layout from scratch using one of numerous pre-set page sizes. Pre-set page sizes are available for everything from business cards to websites

When you choose your publication type you will then be offered a list of designs from which you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. For example, if you click on Greeting Cards you will then be shown a selection of greeting card types. The publication sub-types are grouped into categories. You can choose one of these categories to quickly move to a different greeting card type or scroll through the list of previews.  Once you have made your selection either double click on your preferred choice or select it and click the Create button which is located bottom right on the task pane.

Business Information

When you begin using Publisher it is a good idea to add or update any personal details, such as address and contact numbers, which you may wish to include in several publications.  You can store numerous business information sets within Publisher for different businesses or users and select the correct one when you create a new publication. By default Publisher will always use the business information set most recently used.

To create a business information set, select the Insert Tab on the Ribbon and then select Business Information.  To add your details, select Edit Business Information.

When several business information sets have been created, you can easily select the correct one for the publication from the New Publication screen.

If you need to edit any business information in you can do this while working on a publication by choosing Business Information from the Insert Tab and selecting the set you wish to alter.

The idea of these templates is to get you started quickly.  You can then edit your publication as required.  You can edit the Business Card colour scheme from the Page Design Tab on the Ribbon.

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