Working with Charts and Graphs in Microsoft PowerPoint

Read our easy instructions on how to work with Charts and Graphs in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to insert a Chart

1Create a new slide
2Click on the Chart  icon From the Title and Content layout or choose Insert Chart from the Illustrations Group of the Insert Tab.
3Choose the Chart Layout you require, click OK
4Microsoft Excel will open alongside PowerPoint.  Excel contains the data source used by the chart Change the default data as necessary then close Excel
5When a chart is selected in PowerPoint the Chart Tools Tab will appear in the Ribbon These 3 tabs contain all controls needed for the design and formatting of charts

Editing the Chart

In order to change the chart you must have the Chart Tools Ribbons active.  You can change the look of the chart at any time by using the icons on the Chart Tools, Design, Layout and Format Ribbons.

How to change the Chart Type

1Activate the Chart by clicking inside the border
2On the Chart Tools, Design Tab change the Chart Layout and colour scheme if applicable.

How to change Chart Attributes

1Each element of the chart can be selected and changed, for example the chart Title area or the chart Background area.
2Select the appropriate icon from the Chart Tools, Layout Tab
3By choosing the More … Options menu you will see a complete list of all changes that can be made.
4Select options

How to insert an Excel Worksheet

1Insert a new slide
2Choose the Insert ribbon
3Choose Object
4Choose Microsoft Excel Worksheet.
5Click OK.
6Type your data
7Click outside the border to ember the object into PowerPoint