What’s new to Microsoft 365 in April

This month, Microsoft are announcing a new Yammer app in Microsoft Teams as well as a new way to intuitively search data in Excel. Meanwhile, capabilities in Microsoft Edge make it easier to copy and paste between tabs and apps, manage open tabs, organize information more intuitively, and better protect your data as you browse and work online.

Connect and create with app updates in Yammer, Excel, Outlook, and Visio

This month, Microsoft are introducing app updates that bring the new Yammer experience to Teams and mobile; help you easily analyse data in Excel; and quickly make changes to diagrams in Visio for the web.

Bring Yammer into Teams—Last November at Ignite, Microsoft unveiled the new Yammer, with a beautiful new design that powers community, knowledge-sharing, and employee engagement. The new Yammer includes a fully interactive Yammer app called “Communities” that brings your communities and conversations directly into Microsoft Teams. Put simply: It’s Yammer, but in Teams. No more toggling between apps or confusion about where to chat—just pin the Yammer app in the navigation rail and start discovering communities, knowledge, and conversations alongside your projects, chats, and meetings. Install the Yammer app in Teams to get started.

Quickly turn data into insights with natural language queries in Excel—Data analysis in Excel just got incredibly intuitive. At Ignite last year, Microsoft announced they were bringing natural language queries to Excel, enabling you to ask a plain language question of your data to get answers. The natural language queries feature is now generally available to Microsoft 365 subscribers in Excel for Windows, Mac, and Excel for the web. Simply open the Ideas pane in Excel, enter a question in the query box at the top of the pane, and press Enter.

Easily schedule shorter meetings— This month, Microsoft are announcing a new Outlook feature that lets you end appointments and meetings early so you can get 5, 10, or 15 minutes back after every meeting. You’ll be able to set this up in the Calendar settings soon.

Bring ideas to life in Visio for the web—Microsoft are adding a trio of new capabilities in Visio for the web. Now you can replace an existing shape in a diagram with a more relevant one in just a few clicks. The new shape will retain the formatting, connectors, and all other characteristics of the original shape. You can also add images of diagrams to other documents to easily share with stakeholders. Finally, you can now more easily focus on certain elements in a diagram with the new pinch-and-zoom functionality.