Performance Improvements in Excel Web Version

Microsoft have addressed and improved several scenarios, including opening workbooks, navigating within a workbook, and other interactions. Here are some of the key improvements they’ve made:

Loading – significantly reduced the time it takes to load a workbook, making it faster for you to start working in Excel for the web.

Scrolling – Scrolling is a fundamental part of working in Excel. Now, even in incredibly complex sheets, scrolling is smooth and fast.

Selection – Even more fundamental than scrolling, is the need to interact with content in your workbook. Microsoft have optimized the speed of cell selection, so you’ll experience less lag and a more fluid experience when working in the grid.

Navigating – Microsoft have optimized several navigation actions: find/search, Go-To, page-up and page-down are all now faster.

Modifying – Microsoft developed faster cell editing and formatting experiences.