Export your entire Microsoft Project data to Excel

Project for the web comes with some great out-of-the-box tools for keeping your team on track. App features like orange and red highlights for late and overdue tasks provide you with visual cues for quickly finding tasks that need attention. There’s also Power BI reporting, which gives you visually rich report pages for your portfolio, resource and and project overviews.

And now Microsoft have added Export to Excel. You can now export your project to Microsoft Excel where you can customise the data in whatever way your team finds most useful.

To export a project, simply click on the overflow menu at the top right corner and then click the Export to Excel button.

When to export a project to Excel

There are multiple scenarios for Export to Excel, here are some to help you get started:

  • For reporting: You will now be able to use the data you export from Project to create charts, pivot tables and more in Excel. You can quickly sort the task by their finish dates or filter information to find out the completed tasks. You can then share this information with your team or drop into presentations.
  • For sharing: Use Export to Excel to share your project status with guest users, vendors, or your clients who do not have access to Project. Easily delete information you do not wish to share with others such as providing high-level executive summaries without unnecessary details.
  • For Archiving: Archive your completed projects in Excel to quickly share your compliance and maintain an external record of your work.
  • For Printing: Print your project in Excel in a format that makes it easier for senior management to consume.