Prezi/Infogram Announces New Version of its Data Visualization Platform

Infogram, a web-based visual communications tool recently acquired by Prezi, announced the latest version of its  data visualization platform. Designed to give business teams the best design experience possible, the new platform allows users to more easily and quickly create interactive infographics, reports, charts and other visual elements to more effectively convey complex ideas.

With simple drag-and-drop functionality, Infogram’s updated platform provides more creative freedom, a wider variety of outputs, and over 40 effortless designer templates to make communications more engaging and effective.

“Infogram helps turn mundane service reports into attractive, entertaining, interactive designs. The new drag-and-drop editor is simple and easy to use”

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What’s New in Infogram

The latest version of Infogram was designed to help customers create a much wider range of visuals — from assets for marketing and social campaigns to reports and web pages. Infogram makes it easier than ever for business teams to collaborate, visualize, and share data. New features include:

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop editor: helps professional teams easily create interactive reports and visuals. Users can add, arrange, and resize various visual elements to create stunning content in minutes. Users can also simply copy and paste, upload a spreadsheet, connect to various Cloud services, or take advantage of Infogram’s API for live updates.
  • Over 40 new designer templates, which make it easy for users to turn ideas and data into engaging content. Users can select their own color palette, adjust fonts, duplicate projects, upload logos, add media, and stay on brand. This update complements the company’s previous efforts to provide teams with the features needed to create custom projects and adhere to company brand guidelines.
  • Social media support: Infogram now provides size templates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or your custom dimensions. Users can also easily add visual elements to their social media posts on major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.)

Pricing and Availability

The new version of Infogram is now available. For more information on pricing, please visit